Sunday, February 28, 2010

Got Salsa?

Ok, So I realized that I've blogged almost exclusively about mommy stuff, and not much about dancing or anything else.  So I went back through my pictures, looking for any that are not mommyful. You know what I mean-  hair messed up or just completely not done and looks like I just rolled out of bed....not a dollop of makeup.... frumpy everyday clothes that didn't seem frumpy until I saw them in a picture.... Yeah, those.  Well, I had to go all the way back to October, to my freakin Halloween picture. Because that's the last picture I have of me not looking all mommyful. Ugh. The pic is cute, but not quite what I was looking for. I'll share, because I'm nice like that and don't want to leave you hanging. (I'm the one in blue, and it was a theme party, BTW. Aren't you proud of my mad hairdo skills?? 'cause I totally was.)

Seriously, I need to work on this. Because, like my friend Aunt Becky, I'm trying to get a little more, well, me-ish.  I'm working on dropping the last of the baby weight, but this not having anything remotely recent that doesn't scream "I belong in one of those pictures on the PeopleOfWalmart website", well, it's just not acceptable.  I am a salsa dancer for christ's sake!  Yeah, yeah, I'm a mommy too, but there has to be room for being unmommyful more than say once every 8 months.  Here's what I used to look like before baby #2 (but after baby #1!!!):

I don't necessarily want to go back to performing, since it is such a time hog (or do I?) but I've definitely been making an effort to get out and dance more than once in a while. I at least want to hit a dance social once or twice a month, and maybe even hit a club every now and then.  Of course, I always feel like complete dog butt the next day because I get home around 2-3am and kids do NOT. EVER. sleep in.  But, usually, I suck it up and move on. Maybe if I get into the habit, it won't even seem like such a sacrifice.  It's actually lucky that dances don't happen at more reasonable hours, because then I'd never get to go.  

So, my fellow Interneters... What do you do to feel all full of YOU and not all mommyful?  Or if you're not a mom, what do you do to feel really alive and not all consumed by your obligations and such?


  1. Dude. You're HOT. Like I want to hump you.

  2. Dude! My twin is HAWT!! I am so proud of your hair skills...that is like awesome. I can barely make a ponytail....

    I have (usually weekly) horseback riding times. That gives me such a high that it tends to last for a while. Also, not being a stay-at-home parent helps make it easier for me to be able to enjoy the time with baby. Since I spend most of the weekdays away from her.

    It's hard though, to find that perfect balance.

  3. What's funny is that I have NO hair skills. Like most days, a ponytail is my attempt at hair styling. If I throw some gel and scrunch, it's like a special event. :) I was so determined to make that costume work, I spent hours on YouTube learning what to do, and about $30 on hair supplies. Ha!