Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Open letter to Ellen about Cloth Diapers

Dear Ellen-
I absolutely love your show. My kids (ages 4 and 10 months) know the sound of your theme song and love the part where we all dance along with you. I'm writing, along with a lot of other moms, to ask you to feature cloth diapers on your show. Why, you ask? Well, because cloth diapering is something that moms these days should really know about. It's not all icky rubber pants and scary diaper pins. Cloth diapering has become modern and easy and takes no more effort than pushing a button on your washing machine.  And more importantly, it is something that we, as an educated nation, should be concerned about.  Disposable diapers are filling landfills at an astronomical rate and it is just absurd.  Besides that, most of us are really feeling a pinch in our wallet these days and cloth diapering can save moms a ton of money.  Not that it's a major concern, but cloth diapers are also really flippin cute and fashionable too.  So in the interest of our environment, the health of our little ones' bottoms, and saving moms money, I think this would make an excellent topic for your show, and with Ellen talking about it, who wouldn't want in?  Here are a couple pics to show that these are "not your mom's cloth diapers" and hopefully, you could think of a cool game to make out of it. I will definitely be on the lookout for it!

Lots and lots of Love,
    Jennifer (and my super model daughter)


  1. Ohh! so cute... i love the 2nd to the last photo. I sure hope we can get on ellen... it will be a day to remember!

  2. I recognize the bummis pond print but where are the rest of your prints from? meeces dot pieces at gmail dot com... thanks!

  3. Oh man! That is SO CUTE! I love me some cloth diaper baby bums!

    Beautiful, The Other Me!