Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ok, so I don't know how my fellow mommy-bloggers find the time to get anything, much less anything mildly entertaining, into their blogs on a semi-regular basis. I am feeling a bit be-frazzled lately. As in, why can't I find ANYTHING in my house?  This has become a virus that is being caught by all my belongings.  I mean, I try to pick up after my little tornado of a son and the ever so brief "visits" from the hubby (I'm pretty sure he's changed his address to the office these days- trial mode month- ewwwwww).  But to no avail.  Things keep randomly going missing into the black hole of my home. In addition, or maybe it's all part of the same thing, I feel like my brain is made of swiss cheese lately. This one really hurts. I used to have a nearly perfect memory. I could remember the most random itty bitty details of things. I remembered dates, numbers, heck, even what page I had read said random fact. Now??? It's redonkulous. I can't remember my OWN phone number, much less anyone else's. I can't remember things that happened to me in the past. I can't remember shit, basically.  It's really really scary. I'm hoping it will pass, that maybe it's just a temporary symptom of hormonal imbalance caused by the birth of munchkin #2, combined with the lack of energy from chasing after munchkin #1.  Staying home with the babes is definitely the right choice, as my little guy has never been so healthy before, not since before he started daycare.  But along with the reduced income, staying home has taken a pretty big toll on the mommy-person. Oh well, as my much more "famous" blogging cohort Aunt Becky says, there are people WITHOUT FEET. So I'll stop whining now.   :)    Here's a pic of the little 'uns to remind us why we are here.