Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st Birthday letter to my baby girl

My Sweet Baby Girl-

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since you entered our lives and changed everything forever. Before you, your Mommy and Big Brother were best buds and did everything together. In fact, I was worried that having you would somehow take away from our relationship, but in fact, you made me realize how much more there is to being a Mom.  You are such a different little person than your brother, right from the very beginning.

When you were first born, I was just amazed by you, your tiny little fingers and toes, the cute little birthmark by your eye, and the pretty little smile that you used to flash when you were sleeping. You were a very good sleeper and loved to cuddle. Grammy and your Auntie held you almost non-stop for the first few weeks you were home. You were good at eating right from the start too. Your tummy was like a clock and nursing you was pretty easy once we got used to each other.  You were so much fun to show off, with your adorable little outfits and your sweet cuddly personality. About the only time you were grumpy was when you didn’t get to eat the instant you demanded. 

As you grew, you took the cuddle factor to the extreme, and I became YOUR person, the only one who was able to hold and soothe you. You would scream if anyone else dared to try and hold you for more than 3 minutes, even Daddy!  You knew exactly what you wanted and you let everyone know when you weren’t getting it.  While this was sometimes exasperating, I can’t tell you how honored I felt to be so loved, and let me tell you, I loved you every bit as much and then some.  My daughter, I can’t believe I ever thought I could live without you. I was so lucky to be able to stay home and love you non-stop for the whole first year of your life.

Our life this year has been fun, spending time with you and your brother, making new friends, visiting the parks and just watching you learn and grow. I have learned all kinds of new things by having you. I learned to use and have loved using cloth diapers. I know you probably won’t know the difference, but your little bum has contributed almost no trash to the landfills to sit and haunt us forever.  And let me tell you, you rocked people’s socks in those cute cloth diapers & your little dresses.

Over the last few months, your personality has really blossomed, and I think that you are going to be very much like me. You are curious and adventurous to a fault – often climbing where you shouldn’t and falling off of things. You are stubborn and will not give up when you want something. You stand up for yourself when you think someone has done you wrong – just ask Big Brother what happened when he wouldn’t share his toys. You’ve started to become so much more independent. When you started walking, you began your new adventures on your own, and happily walked (or pushed Mater) all around the playground without even looking for me. You’re not afraid to ask for help, you grab my hand and insist that I help you climb up the slide so you can hang out on the jungle gym.  Your cuddliness still shows through though, because you love to give kisses, to just about everyone you know, but especially Big Brother.  You are a great little communicator, not only have you mastered the sign language that I’ve shown you, but you mimic the sounds of so many words. It cracks me up when you make an animal noise (elephants, monkeys, dogs, ducks – lots of ducks) or say “Goo Gur” after I tell you what a Good Girl you are. 

I think you’ve recently figured out that you have a Daddy and are starting to fall in love with him, just like I did.  Every time you see Daddy’s picture anywhere in the house, you point and say “DaDa”. And now you show off for him and try to get his attention whenever he is home. How can he help but melt when he hears your little laugh or you flash him those big brown expressive eyes?  I don’t mind sharing you, my sweet girl. I’m so proud of you, I could burst.  Can’t wait to see what the next year brings.
                                                                                                All the love in the universe,


  1. Oh Happy Birthday little one! You are so beautiful!

  2. So sweet and such a good idea to write a letter!

  3. How ADORABLE! Happy 1st birthday beautiful girl.

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  5. Hi again Jennifer. Will you pretty please link your email to your blogger profile? I wanted to respond to one of your comments and it gives me 'no reply at blogger' as your email if it is not linked. And I dont know what happened to this same comment I left on Wed. :)